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Liberty Wildlife Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc.

Liberty Wildlife’s mission is to nurture the nature of Arizona, providing expert wildlife rehabilitation, natural history education, conservation services for the community, and leading by example to demonstrate environmental sustainability in our community.

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Already recognized as the leading wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization in the Southwest, Liberty Wildlife moved into our new Rob & Melani Walton Campus in late 2016. The facility is LEED Platinum certified for its incorporation of sustainable practices and materials. Furthermore, this move enabled us to not only continue, but also to expand, our rescue, rehabilitation and release of more wildlife--over 9,400 in 2018! Similarly, we have been able to expand our educational offerings to more student groups (1,000+ programs in 2018) and to open for public visitation and events, bringing our message about living in concert with the land to a broader audience. 

More than just treating the problems; Liberty Wildlife is finding solutions! 

Liberty Wildlife’s Non-Eagle Feather Repository (NEFR), is a unique, nationally-recognized, program that addressed the needs of a large number of native communities just last year. Through the NEFR program, Liberty provided access to animal parts and feathers for religious and cultural purposes, while protecting the wildlife populations that might otherwise be subjected to illegal taking. 

Through a partnership with local power company, SRP, Liberty Wildlife is currently studying better designs for utility poles that minimize, or possibly even prevent, the tragic electrocution deaths of wild birds. In a few years there will hopefully be a new standard worldwide for power line poles that are safe for all wildlife.

This is just one of many ways that the staff at Liberty Wildlife is working with industry to improve conservation efforts and help us live in harmony with wildlife. Other research and conservation projects are underway in cooperation with ASU, Purdue University, various departments of transportation and several companies to mitigate negative impacts of human/wildlife conflict.