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Life Is About Learning Inc

Serving Needs and Providing Information You stop learning, you stop living!

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Life is About Learning, Inc. (LiAL) is organized for Charitable, Educational and Literary endeavors that serve needs and provide information to enrich other's lives and well-being.

This non-profit endeavors to serve the needs of and provide information to the elderly, disabled, and former victims of abuse through such activities as Informative / Educational Presentations, Computer Instruction, Read Aloud and Scribe Service.  Our definition of a 'former victim of abuse' not only includes individuals impacted within a domestic / partnership relationship, it also includes former addicts we feel have been abused by their addiction.  We help to educate such ones about modern technology, resume / cover letter writing or similar jobs skills when they are seeking gainful employment that their addictions prevented them from learning.

Various technologies are utilized to efficiently serve individual needs, as well as, to educate and promote literature creation and enjoyment. Our motto is "You stop learning, you stop living" because learning is the spark to life. Everyone can learn something every day. You are learning about our organization right now!

Technology is most helpful with the endeavors, activities, and programs of Life is About Learning, Inc. Entertaining presentations not only inform, but enrich lives, grow new ideas from the knowledge gained and promote sharing of information. Whether through group events or individual assistance, LiAL strives to affect positive personal and professional growth and it is our desire that our service be an encouragement to all.