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Levy County Quilt Museum Inc

LevyCountyQuiltMuseum.org Tax ID 59-3164556


   The Museum is a small not for profit organization that is run by volunteers and recieves no funding from any government agency.  We're open Tuesday thru Saturday from 10-3.  While we may be well off the beaten path, we have many local quilters supporting us.

  In 1983 thirteen ladies formed a quilting group.  They met weekly in a varity of places and decided in 1986 they neeed their own building.  The fundraising began and by 1986 the building was started.   As funds came in, the building grew and was finished in 1998.  The building is 50x100 and completely paid for.

  Now in 2019, we need to work on the flooring in the sewing room which is 50x20.  We've been able to replace air conditioner units, kitchen appliances and laundry appliance.  Now we need your help once again. 

  We're wanting to raise $4,000.00 for the sewing room.  The labor will be supplied by an outside source.  Please donate to our fund.