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Let Sluggie Run on All Four Legs

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Sluggie is a 3 year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and she's also paraplegic. For as long as anyone has known, she hasn't been able to use her back legs. She does have some feeling left in her hindquarters, but she requires a wheelchair and just drags her back legs around when she's not in the chair. While it's not known if her condition is genetic or due to abuse, her vet is fairly certain that she was abused at one point. She has a permanent scar around her muzzle where someone used a zip-tie or cord, and she is much more submissive than the average dog. Unfortunately, neither I nor her previous foster caretakers know anything about her past.

The money raised in this project will go towards getting Sluggie an initial meeting with a neurologist who will give her an MRI, which costs $1800-2300 on its own. If it's determined she is eligible for spinal surgery, the $6000 would cover that as well. Any money not used will be donated to, and all receipts involved in the process will be notarized and posted on this page.

To get all philosophical for a minute: I'd be the first to admit that there are probably a lot more important (or "important," if you prefer) charities in the world -- Doctors Without Borders,'m sure if you're reading this you have a few of your own. Helping goofy little paralyzed dogs is a pretty first-world concern, pulling on the "aww, cute" reflex in those of us who have probably never been touched by the kind of suffering people in the developing world deal with every day. If you have some money to donate, I'd suggest that you donate it to something like Doctors Without Borders before donating to this. But if you have a few dollars left over, please consider why I think this is a worthwhile cause: you're making a conscious decision that all living creatures matter and deserve to live their short lives in the fullest way possible, and if your outlook is maybe a bit like mine, you see the small devotional acts in life (with no direct payoff) as something as necessary to human health as eating right or brushing your teeth.

Also: if the goal is met, I will upload the cutest goddamn video you have ever seen -- Sluggie sleeping on her back, snoring, with a blanket pulled up over her, her front paws tucked over the top of the blanket. This video already exists, but I will release it once the goal is met. Basically like this video -- -- but add in soft snoring and take away the basketball game. Do it for teh internetz.



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Josh is working on selecting a charity so you can support Let Sluggie Run on All Four Legs.