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Leonard Brodsky - After-School All-Stars Stair Climb 2015

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Do you want to climb 4 World Trade Center? 68 floors. 1632 steps. A party at the top. Do it for the kids.​


Take the challenge: All-Star Climb 4 Kids.


The Date

Thursday, October 22, 2015


The Location

4 World Trade Center


The Climb

68 Floors. 1632 steps.  Walk or run to the top.


The Time

Registration Opens at 4:00 pm

Climb Starts at 5:00 pm

Celebration begins at 5:30 pm


The Celebration

We invite our climbers, virtual climbers, and sponsors for a celebration on the 68th Floor of 4 WTC with DJ Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97!


The Crowd

Anyone/everyone in the world is invited to the Climb4Kids


The Price

Fundraising minimum is $350


Not able to climb?

We still want you there- register as a “virtual climber” and take the elevator!


The Deadline To Sign-Up

October 18, 2015


For the past few months After-School All-Stars has been dreaming up a big, bold event that would help us raise cash to support our rapidly expanding programs in Newark and New York. We toyed with a few traditional ideas—cocktail reception, gala—before it dawned on us that we should be holding a fitness event that mirrors the challenge we pose to our All-Stars every day. We ask our All-Stars to dream big. We ask them to reach for the stars. We teach them to make healthy lifestyle choices and challenge them to engage in physical activity on a daily basis.


So why not issue the same challenge to our incredibly loyal network of supporters?


The All-Star Climb 4 Kids is like no fundraising event you’ve been a part of. If you’ve ever wanted to do more than write a check to support your favorite cause, here is your chance to get really involved. If you’re looking for motivation to stay fit after the summer ends but before the holidays begin, the climb couldn’t land at a better time. If you need an excuse to meet up with friends, here is your chance to train and compete together.  If climbing to the 68th floor of a really tall building (4 World Trade Center!) is on your bucket list, well, here’s your chance to scratch it from the list! If you’re an avid stair climber hungry for a fall challenge, this event has your name written all over it.  


Are you ready for the challenge?


To learn more details on the Climb 4 Kids, visit the FAQ section below!


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