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July 15, 2014

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The short story is that we need about $100 to comply with the city’s prohibition of pit bulls. Continue reading for the whole story.

When we moved to Springfield, MO, we had no idea that dog ownership was restricted. Since one of our dogs, Boomer, has the physical characteristics of a dog that is commonly called a pit bull, he is subject to a set of rules that restricts our rights as well as his.

Had we known about these regulations, then we would have most likely not moved to Springfield. The City of Springfield doesn’t exactly advertise its prohibition on pit bulls. Maybe they hope that people like us move here, and then have to shell out the $50. Maybe they hope that they can fine unsuspecting new arrivals. I’m not sure what the motivation is for not announcing the prohibition on the city’s website in plain English. It seems that if the city wanted to really increase public safety by prohibiting the ownership of pit bulls, then the pit bull prohibition would be prominently displayed for all to see. Instead, one must go to the Springfield Health Department website to find the prohibition. It makes me wonder what other kind of prohibitions they may be hiding.

Yes, people are fined and even put in jail for violating Springfield’s pit bull prohibition. Feel free to go to the city’s “most wanted” website to see just how many people are currently wanted for violating the pit bull ordinance (you'll have to do a little looking).

$50 dollars doesn’t sound like much. Wearing a muzzle doesn’t sound like much. Microchipping and registration doesn’t sound like much. Putting a sign on our door advertising Boomer’s presence might not sound like much to an uneducated, non-thinking person, but to those of us who do think, it is a huge burden.

With our first child on the way and Jennifer unable to find a job at this point, we are struggling to make ends meet. Coming up with $50 and a muzzle is a financial burden. Right now we are heavily relying on friends and family to help us make ends meet.

I work full time. Jennifer has been unable to find work since she was fired for not submitting to her employer’s demand to undergo a medical procedure to which she objected. You can read more about how we landed in Springfield here.

We are seeking funding for Boomer’s registration and a muzzle. We would also like to educate people about Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), and fight to get Springfield’s BSL repealed.

It will cost about $100 to register Boomer and buy a muzzle. That much is simple. Educating our neighbors and fighting the BSL is another matter.

Here’s our plan: for every $10 donated over the $100 needed to make Boomer legal, we will spend one hour educating others on Springfield’s BSL, fighting Springfield’s BSL, and/or dispelling the myths about pit bulls. I will document my time and make it available for all to see on our blog at You can also read more about Boomer there.  Documentation will be in the form of blog entries and some video of our interaction with others.

Here is the kind of anti-pit bull mentality that we are up against.

Please donate if you can. Any amount is appreciated. The faster we come up with the initial $100 the less chance we have of being fined or incarcerated for simply letting Boomer live.



40% Raised of$100 Goal

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Organized by

Richard Gray

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Debbie Esquenazi

Debbie Esquenazi


I hope you reach your goal. If I had more to give, I would. You're not asking for very much. 5 years ago

The Beelers

The Beelers


5 years ago

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