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Legalhoops Inc (LegalHoops)

LegalHoops engages members of the business, professional, and local communities to compete in sporting events that raise funds in support of the public interest.

https://legalhoops.org Tax ID 82-5525237


Our mission is to fight racial injustice and systemic racism reported by members. Our initiatives, activities, and events create opportunities for members to exchange ideas, experiences, and resources.

LegalHoops connects members with legal experts and resources to address issues ignited by racism and typically unresolved and repeated. Racism humiliates and burdens victims with economic hardship. It creates a second class of citizenship, stigmatizes, and disproportionately imprisons its victims.

The world has seen the 8:46 execution of George Floyd by police officers over a claim of passing a counterfeit $20 bill and sent this message. The world reacted in protest to signal time to make America safe for people of color is now.  Black Lives Matter.