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Legacy of Hope, Inc.

Our city united to cure every cancer, and to support those fighting

www.legacyofhope.life Tax ID 82-2951677


Legacy of Hope is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit based in Philadelphia, focusing on partnerships with local businesses and major cancer centers to bring an unparalleled level of comprehensive support to Philadelphia’s most financially distressed cancer patients, and providing the greatest donor impact in cancer research by utilizing the collective knowledge of a scientific review board to find and fund Philadelphia’s most cutting edge and promising cancer research.

Patient Support

Through a network of oncology social workers, Philadelphia’s most financially distressed cancer patients and their families are supported. Rent, mortgage, utilities, clothing, transportation, school supplies for children, food, legal assistance, financial counseling, etc.


Cancer Research

Our Scientific Review Board is comprised of senior level oncology researchers from Philadelphia’s major cancer centers working together to ensure every dollar donated to research has the greatest impact. New therapies and cures are expedited by finding and funding Philadelphia’s most promising cancer research.