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Left Behind K-9 Rescue

Left Behind K-9 Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organized for the purpose of saving homeless pets and allowing them a second chance at life through our rescue, transport, foster care, and adoption programs.

Tax ID 45-3936564

What we do:

1. Rescue and Adoptions

- Rescuing and transporting dogs that are running out of time in overcrowded shelters.

- Providing these dogs with proper veterinary care to ensure they are in good health before adoption.

- These pets are placed in foster homes where they will be evaluated for temperament and behavioral issues.  Our foster volunteers work to housetrain and teach basic obedience.

- We then work to adopt each out to qualified homes that have been properly screened and counseled by our adoption coordinators to ensure it is a perfect match for both the dog and the family.


2. Community Outreach

- Providing low cost spay and neuter programs for the purpose of reducing unwanted births of animal offspring.

- Emergency care in life-threatening situations by providing funds to help with surgeries of injured pets.

- Educating the public through adoption counseling, pet behavior consultation, highlighting the importance of pet adoption, and communicating the positive impact of spay and neuter.

- Donating pet food and supplies to families who are struggling financially to take care of their pets.

- Providing assistance to other animal rescues and shelters in the community.


Do you want to help us save more lives?  Are you passionate about the welfare of needy animals?  Help us make a difference!  We are an all-volunteer organization who rely on the support of our community to fund our programs.  Please contact us to find out more about how you can help.