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Leesburg Food Bank needs help feeding families year round. During the summer donations slow down in both food and money at the food bank.

Leesburg Food Bank serves 35 families per day, 4 days a week. An average of 30 pounds of food is provided to each client; 218,400 pounds annually.  No fees or charges are accessed to our clients. The Leesburg Food Bank is a 501C3 non-profit corporation, staffed and managed by volunteers, no salaries or other compensations are issued to the Board of Directors or volunteer staff members.

Leesburg Food Bank has been able to provide nutritious foods to adults, seniors and children struggling with hunger who are trying to break the cycle of poverty and hunger.

Without financial, food, clothing, personal hygiene products, etc., donations, The Leesburg Food Bank would be unable to access or afford the variety, quality and quantity of foods needed for a healthy diet. The Leesburg Food Bank has created a foundation geared towards providing wholesome staples to those we serve each year.


Research has shown that food insecurity and hunger are serious threats to children’s health, growth and development. Economic growth in part depends on the well-being of our children. As such, the existence of childhood hunger threatens future prosperity.

More than 16 million children in America live in households struggling with hunger? A recent study estimated that in Central Florida that rate is 27.6% including Lake County? That means that more than 1 in 5 children may not always have enough to eat. In the world’s wealthiest nation, children can’t always get the nutrition they need to thrive. This is unacceptable. Working together, we can change that.

Hunger impacts kids in a variety of ways. Food insecure children don’t develop and grow as well as others. They may have more difficulty learning and may not do as well in school. They are more likely to get sick and are more likely to be hospitalized. The effects of child food insecurity are severe and they can last a lifetime. The Leesburg Food Bank believes that investing in child nutrition is an investment in a healthier future.


For many senior citizens living on a fixed or limited income, the food budget is overshadowed by payments for rent and utilities and the cost of medications. Without a consistent source of staple groceries, many seniors struggle with food insecurity and malnutrition.

Each month, qualified seniors receive groceries to supplement their existing diets. They receive items like canned vegetables, meats, cereal, pasta, soup, fresh produce and personal hygiene products (when available). Without The Leesburg Food Bank, many seniors would be extremely isolated and at increased risk for malnourishment and illness. Buying food, especially nutritious food, is often last on their list. It is likely that most participating seniors would be forced to skip meals or purchase food that is cheap but not healthy.

Hunger increases their risk for stroke and exacerbates pre-existing health problems. Hunger in seniors may limit the effectiveness of many prescription drugs and may affect brain chemistry in a way that increases the incidence of depression. For seniors, protecting oneself from food insecurity and hunger is more difficult than for the general population.

The Leesburg Food Bank has a unique role to play in The City of Leesburg and surrounding area. With financial assistance, we have positioned ourselves to lead the effort to eliminate hunger while also using our position as the largest hunger-relief food bank in the area to promote healthful food choices for our clients.

Thank You for your consideration of our request. Should you have any questions or for a tour of our facility, please contact Don Diamant, President, at (352) 267-0760.

Operational hours; Monday thru Thursday (Donations 8:00am to noon - Client Servives 10:00 am to noon). Large pickups are availbale by calling 352-326-5463.


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