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Learning Prep School in West Newton, MA has 170 students ages 8-22 from seventy different towns and cities that have complex language-based learning profiles. Our competent and caring staff, small class size, and student centered academic program help students fulfill their potential.

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Learning Prep students have language processing and attendant learning challenges as their primary disability. Complex learning profiles of our students may include dyslexia, expressive/receptive language issues, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, limited social pragmatics and executive functioning challenges. The methods used at LPS have been successful in developing compensatory strategies, core content knowledge and essential skills. Hallmarks of our program include Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, school-based Counseling, transition services, and integrated throughout the program are executive functioning and social communication supports within a safe learning environment. Teaching and learning is designed to develop self-confidence through inquiry, analysis, problem-solving, and self-advocacy, enabling each student to have the confidence to accept responsibility for their own learning and actions. LPS students are encouraged to fulfill their potential; for most, this means going on to post-secondary education; for some it means engaging in competitive work or continued vocational training after graduation.