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Learning Lifeline

Helping Teachers get the Tools they need to Teach!

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We believe that the future of our Country lies in the hands of the youth.  It is important that each child has the best opportunities available to him/her during their years of education.  Each classroom should be equipped with the necessary supplies to educate, as well as the extras to keep the students motivated and excited about learning.  

In these times of economic hardship,  families find it impossible to finance the cost of such supplies.  This means the students sometimes go without proper tools for learning.  Teachers often try to personally supplement their classrooms with these supplies.  Our Teachers should not have to bear this extra expense.

We feel that there are many generous people and businesses who would help these Teachers if they knew where and how to reach them.  The Learning Lifeline chooses to be that link between the Teacher who needs the supplies and the generous contributors who want to help students get the best education possible.