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We hope you’ve had the experience in your life- at least once- of helping a friend or family member put aside doubt and step forward with courage. If you have ever done that and have seen that loved one succeed and reach farther than they ever thought they could, you know what an amazing feeling that is. This holiday season you can give that same gift to a student. 


THANKS TO THE GENEROSITY OF A DONOR, ALL DONATIONS MADE NOW, THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 2014 WILL BE MATCHED DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR UP TO $10,000. Today you have the opportunity to ensure that your donation doubles and helps us achieve our goals of transforming lives.


The gift is more than a donation. It’s the chance to change someone’s life. The students we serve through Learning AFAR are smart. They work hard. They hope for something more. Yet most have never been outside their own community before. They haven’t seen many dreams come true. And they don’t know yet what it is to imagine a life where they can have purpose and impact.


That is where you and Learning AFAR step in! AFAR Media and No Barriers Youth have partnered for five years to provide life-changing opportunities for high performing kids who live in under-served communities. Poverty, crime, and fear are normal parts of their life. Our mission is to change that reality and to help these students discover their potential and to approach the next steps in their life with purpose. Through travel and a three phase Learning AFAR program that includes the study of culture, global issues, leadership and service; a journey that helps them explore a new culture and find their own ability to lead and serve; and an opportunity to return home and serve in their own community, these students lives and communities are forever changed.


A few thousand dollars changes one student’s life forever- your gift matters!


Please call us to discuss strategies to fund a student or a full program: 970-484-3633. For more information about Learning AFAR, please click here.

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