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Leader Transition Institute, Inc.

We help you make the rest of your life the best of your life.


The Leader Transition Institute (LTI) is nonprofit organization, approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3), that serves individuals who are pivoting in their lives.

Our flagship program, Changing Focus: Moving From We to Me, is designed for service members, veterans, military spouses, and surviving spouses who are within 24 months of transitioning from active duty to the civilian sector. It is free to all participants. We recognize that veterans from any era often desire to re-set their transition and so we welcome them to attend our sessions, as well.

LTI's team of Military Retirees, Veterans, Military Spouses, and Surviving Spouses are highly trained coaches and speakers who:

• Know how to help you pinpoint your individual strengths, so that you are less likely to sell yourself short.

• Will help you develop a purpose statement and vision plan for yourself – a roadmap for your future.

• Prepare and support you as you transition into the civilian sector, so that the rest of your life becomes the best of your life.