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LaxRecords.com is a high school lacrosse dedicated to the coverage of boys' high school lacrosse, specifically statistics to highlight the best players, coaches, and teams in lacrosse history. Its mission is to research and digitize the history of boys' high school lacrosse to preserve its history.

I started collecting high school lacrosse performances in 2011 while I was the Editor of ESPN.com's high school lacrosse site at the now defunct ESPNHS.com. I continued the project through 2014 while at StudentSportsLacrosse.com.

The project started as a love of statistics and remembering checking box scores as a kid. I grew up playing baseball and was obsessed with knowing the batting leaders and Tony Gwynn's batting career batting average.

When I got my first job covering lacrosse with the Wilmington-Star News in 2005 and was put on the lacrosse beat, I wanted to know which players scored the most career goals and which teams won the most titles. This did not exist at that time. Years later, when I was put in charge of ESPN's high school lacrosse website, I started the process of finding those answers.

LaxRecords.com was founded on June 18, 2014. The first page published on the site happened on June 20, 2014.