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Lamondance Arts Society

Lamondance operates as a Not-For-Profit Charity Society based in North Vancouver.

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Led by Artistic director Davi Rodrigues, the program offers dancers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a high level of technical training, original choreography, studying with accomplished teachers and learn the motivation behind a professional dance company. Lamondance was established as a contemporary training and performance company for emerging professional dancers in 2009.

Lamondance provides the dancers with the opportunity to explore dance and theatre arts and to allow them to perform throughout the community and abroad. It also provides a forum for choreographers/teachers to develop and present their own works. The mandate of the program is to provide dancers with the opportunity to learn dance techniques, individually or as a group, which will assist in developing a well-rounded dancer with self-confidence, discipline and focus; which will promote good work ethics and help them in their quest to achieve higher standards and better performance. Through the program, we teach our dancers to mentor their peer group and lead by example; with the intention of not only creating model citizens but model dancers.

Lamondance operates is a Not-For-Profit Charity Society, based in North Vancouver.