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Lambadina Foundation

Lambadina Foundation: Lighting the Way Out for La Migliore Salon

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Lambadina Foundation is proud to join with La Migliore Salon in the Love Rope Connection. Our goal is to raise money to build an emergency fund for the beauty & hair industry, hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are reaching out to beauty salons everywhere to join us by inviting their own clients, friends, and family to connect to our Love Rope to raise money for their own salons and stylists during this challenging time.

So many small businesses are in trouble due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Despite promises by the government to assist small businesses such as ours, navigating the bureaucracy to get the help we need has been frustrating, to say the least. We are all in real danger of losing the businesses we worked so hard to build. Many of you have reached out these past few weeks wanting to pay for your cancelled hair services after the government mandated temporary closure of our salon. We extend our heartfelt thanks for your desire to help.

Please donate to La Migliore Salon for your missed appointments, future services, or whatever amount you can afford. We truly appreciate any help you can give. By donating to our salon, you are not only providing us with urgently needed emergency funds, you will also be making us stronger by connecting into our Love Rope and helping to pull us through this dark time.  It is crucial to support our staff and keep our small business alive so we can be there for our clients when this all ends. 

On Saturday, April 25, 2020, the team at La Migliore Salon will be connecting into our Love Rope. Please join us in spirit! Whether you hike, walk, run, dance, cycle, meditate, or practice yoga, we encourage you to get up and just move. Support the people you love and care for by doing what makes you happy. Thank you again!

In deepest gratitude,

Showa Sahle

Owner, La Migliore Salon