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Laketown Gym

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Laketown Gymanstics is 501(c)(3) non-profit gymnastics club that strives to be a family friendly environment, while offering quality lessons at affordable rates. Helping kids of all ages and from any background learn more about their bodies & how they move while building strength, coordination, self confidence and friendships is our favorite goal. 

In these unprecendented times, small businesses all around the nation are taking a major financial hit and facing really difficult times. As a non-profit we have a unique opportunity to fundraise and put all resources received right back into the gym - in the form of coach support and training, new equipment, creating and growing programs offered and buidling expansion plans and so much more. Right now our immediate need to support our staff and continue offering unique ways for children to stay active at home is great one. 

The decision to temporarily close was a tough one, as we had plans for our first Skill-a-Thon, our annual Spring Show and a new Laketown FUNders group - a group lead by wonderful parent volunteers to help us with our fundraising goals. We are working to revive our coporate sponsorship programs as well, to really build a robust fundraiser campaign program, but unfortutently our plans have been halted. Businesses in our community are all hoping this is a short lived shut down, but the reality isn't lost on any of us that this could longer than we anticipate. The impact this could have is devastating to our community.