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I am being sued by my ex-husband Fode Mohamed Soumah (who was deported from Canada in February 2012), and by his Canadian wife, Cassandra Blier. They are trying to prohibit me from publishing my book, which is my personal memoir. I have never met his wife. This SLAPP suit is an issue of censorship and an attempt to stop freedom of expression and speech.

Strategic litigation against public participation (SLAPP) is defined as a lawsuit started against one or more people or groups who speak out or take a position on an issue of public interest. The purpose of a SLAPP is to silence critics by redirecting their energy and finances into defending a lawsuit and away from their original public criticism.

Soumah and Blier are asking me to say that I am not a victim of marriage fraud and that my ex-husband is not the father of a child in Africa – a child that he failed to declare to me and CBSA when he entered Canada, and consequently was deported for lying about. In their claim they are using DNA tests that Citizenship and Immigration Canada said the following about in the Ottawa Citizen article by Shelley Page dated May 13, 2012: “CIC only accepts DNA tests from accredited laboratories performed under CIC supervision. This protocol was not followed in this case,” says Tracie LeBlanc, CIC communication adviser.

The Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board Panel found the following in their reasons and decisions for my ex husbands deportation from Canada in their most recent ruling on October 19, 2009:

"...The panel finds that the reasons for the appellant's omissions are obvious. Had he declared his child, an immigration officer would have followed up with the question of who is the mother and what is your relationship with her. If an immigration officer had discovered that the appellant had a relationship with the mother while he was engaged or married to another woman, namely, (Lainie Towell), then the immigration officer could have come to the conclusion that his marriage to Mme Towell was not genuine unless, of course, (she) would have decided herself to cancel her sponsorship before the appellant was landed. The panel considers that the nature of the misrepresentation is very serious and strikes a blow at the very integrity of the immigration system. The appellant chose to mislead Canadian officials in order to immigrate to Canada. The misrepresentation was intentional and continuous, the appellant has not expressed remorse, and he still does not understand the full gravity of his actions..."

I am a Canadian citizen and an artist, who is being victimized for a second time now, by a man who was deported from Canada for the precise things he is suing me for expressing. These allegations continue to strike a blow to the integrity of our great country's immigration system and suggest that Canada’s Federal judicial system is a sham. I am to appear in court on July 31, 2012 to defend myself. I need help to pay for my defense fees. I am asking the public to intervene and am accepting donations to help my cause. Any contribution is appreciated.



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