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Community based Conservation of Lake Kuyucuk

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We have taken important steps to conserve, publicize, and document the ecology of Lake Kuyucuk, the threats for the lake have not yet been eliminated. The lake is an important avian landscape, evidenced by huge density of birds using this lake in the fall and the spring. Indeed, this is the only shallow lake in the region where waterfowl and shore bird breed, feed, stopover and hide. The lake hosts up to 12 % of the world population of Ruddy shelducks (Tadorna ferruginea) and it is possible to observe more than 20.000 at once. Endangered species white headed duck breeds in the lake whereas red-breasted goose stop over during migration. Another endangered species Egyptian vulture breeds at the deep Arpacay canyon near lake Kuyucuk and feed around the lake.

The site is under intense grazing pressure. The main income of local people is cattle breeding with the lake is being their livestock’s primary water source. The weak and limited reed bed (Phragmites sp.) lake perimeter is home for endangered species breeding, feeding and taking refuge from predators. Unfortunately intensive grazing, trampling by the cattle and villagers alike, and pesticides / nutrients used by farming around the lake pose additional threat to lake water quality and ecosystem functioning.

Our continuing work at Lake Kuyucuk aims to:

-keep monitoring and bird ringing (banding) work at Lake Kuyucuk
-eliminate overgrazing and manage grasslands to stop the destruction of the reed beds
-encourage organic farming around the lake to avoid the water pollution
-develop nature-based tourism at villages around the lake and make local people generate income from tourism in order to decrease the pressure of farming and cattle breeding on the lake and meadows
-establish a sample model for research and community-based conservation at Lake Kuyucuk to be applied in different protected sites of Turkey
-establish a sample environmental education model for local people, students and decision makers to be applied in different protected sites of Turkey
-establish an environmental education, visitor and tourism centre at Lake Kuyucuk



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