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Kleine Klasse Schule Inc (Kleine Klasse)

Kleine Klasse Schule (KKS) is designed the fill the educational void by support through education, resources, and social capital to individuals and non-profits fostering upward mobility.

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Founded in May 2019, Kleine Klasse Schule started as a non-profit tutoring and educational service center in Washington County, located in West Alexander, PA. The first year was dedicated to preparing a platform for education that would be equitable and accessible to all individuals, regardless of age, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, or location. The center was quickly set up to provide one-on-one tutoring, consultations, and grant writing. An online venue providing videos and video-conferencing, as well as email and text assistance for homework help and our other services, began right before the COVID19 social distance restrictions which led to schools and universities transitioning to remote learning.

KKS’s core focus is on STEM/STEAM programming but has access to Reading, English, Cultural Studies, and study skill professionals possessing university level experience. This group of highly qualified professionals jointly will collaborate to provide most subjects from k – college level. Quality faculty are significantly versed in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM). The center is dedicated to strengthening academics, providing one-on-one tutoring, running small group lessons (9 or less) with a concentration on finding a way to fund tutoring for adults living in poverty wanting to earn their High School Equivalency Diploma. The Center includes services by assisting other non-profits with grant writing, consulting, programming, promotions, and fundraising. It is the desire of the center to collaborate with other non-profits for the betterment of the community, nationally, and globally.

Recently, the non-profit has put together a plan to help young adults find their way, after experiencing failure. With little support after high school, some individuals find themselves lost due to failure or lack of direction. Some may drop out of college, become lethargic in an uninspired situation, and just look to survive day to day when they have so much more untapped potential. This program will rekindle their dreams and provide the confidence, education, and social capital needed to move forward and find a way out of their current dilemma. The support system will involve educating and providing social capital to reach intended goals. This project may involve economic development, housing, and community improvements. In addition, the feasibility of opening a small private school will be investigated to be a future goal.

In addition to our high-level instructors, we have corporate relationships that give our students the ability to gain industry level certifications. This means that when they complete our programs, they’re job ready. To enhance the program, KKS places the students in apprenticeship programs helping gain corporate experience. These apprenticeships will be in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art or Mathematical (STEAM) fields and will give the corporations a feel for how these candidates match their corporate structure. If the apprentice is not hired, they can continue to work with KKS to adjust their weaknesses or gain additional help for more opportunities.

Kleine Klasse Schule is a worldwide organization based in western Pennsylvania sitting on the borders of the Ohio & West Virginia. Since we are 80% or more online, our tutoring reach is limitless. The advancement of our online technology and classes will propel us to becoming the first state registered “Online School System”. As an online school KKS will be able to expand its donation capacity and intake by 100% the first year.

Kleine Klasse Schule Inc is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals that feel as though they are missing out on what should be attainable opportunities. We will work with all communities to support STEAM development in hopes of improving their economic structure.

Executive Summary

Kleine Klasse Schule Inc is a Pennsylvania 501c3 corporation registered to receive charitable donations. KKS operates out our facility at 47 Church St, West Alexander, Pa in Washington County.

Utilizing a variety of computer and data applications, we deliver our tutoring services to large number of individuals. With the addition of our Cloud Based Network, we will grow our clients base more than 33% yearly. The KKS assets will assist us in elevating our operations to gain an “Online School” status, increasing our ability to become self-sustaining.

KKS’s services will have STEAM programs at the core and then based on our participants needs, we will add the appropriate services/classes. These services will be built around our apprenticeship and college placement programs. And in addition to these programs, we will assist those who for some reason, or another, did not receive their high school diploma. Initially we will assist with the GED process. But once we receive our high school status, these individuals will be able to achieve a diploma and graduate.

When using the letters S-T-E-A-M, our educational & tutoring services breakdown is the following:

· S – Science – Initial studies will be placed on how biodiversity helps with framing, the environment and human development.

· T – Technology – We will deliver programming & certifications in network design, software coding (including A.I., AR, VR and Web Design) and cyber security.

· E – Engineering – A full understanding of the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for GIS, renderings, 3D modeling, robotics, civil & structural development, construction and energy.

· A – Art – Video production, journalism, dance, and art activities that help promote Mind Stimulation.

· M – Mathematics – Algebras, Geometries, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Probability and Statistics, Liberal Arts Mathematics, promoting critical thinking, problem solving, and logic.

Kleine Klasse Schule Inc is dedicated to building strong foundations in a diverse number of people that could make positive social impacts.

The leadership (Dr Kathleen Miller and Gary Jackson Sr) will build a staff of dedicated souls who have the unbiased desire to build a culture of unity and socially responsible people. These instructors will obtain all the clearances to work with under aged students. Security cameras will be in the classrooms and all online classes will be recorded (stored for a week). Board, Property and Liability Insurances will be kept current and background checks will be done at intake on students to complete our security measures.