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Kitsap Rescue Mission

Providing shelter, meals, clothing and services to the homeless throughout Kitsap County

www.kitsaprescue.org Tax ID 27-0447475


The Kitsap Rescue Mission provides reliable, welcoming shelter to vulnerable individuals who would otherwise have nowhere to sleep. Operating year-round, we offer not only shelter, but meals, clothing and hygiene supplies, case management and an opportunity for clients to begin to resolve the underlying problems that have culminated in homelessness.

From our humble beginnings in 2009 as a mobile meal provider, we have grown to become an integral part of the homeless safety net. Today we are a strongly established overnight shelter and day facility that every day, year round, helps people who are dealing with truly devastating difficulties such as mental illness, abuse, health problems and addiction. Through the support of a generous community, we provide the rest, hygiene, nutrition, and opportunities for individuals who have few other options.

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