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64% Raised of$58,000 Goal

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The Story

When it comes to college, the deck is stacked against low-income teens. Crossroads has a plan to change that but, we need your support to make it happen.


Help us raise $58,000 over the next two months to give each one of our 58 seniors the personalized support they need to change their odds of college success!


Here’s how we are going to do it:


Crossroads has launched a new one-to-one college planning initiative to ensure each of our 58 seniors receive the comprehensive individualized planning they need to find post-secondary success.


Over the next 12 months, Iolando, our College Success Coordinator, will have 232 one-on-one working meetings with our 58 seniors, that’s four meetings per teen (All of the planning and support and resources that go into one of these meetings ends up costing about $250 per meeting. That’s $1,000 per teen. Hence our $58,000 goal).


In these working meetings, we will ensure our seniors are making choices that will set them up for success, that they know what to do once they get their acceptance letters and are prepared for what to expect when they step on campus as an enrolled student.


We'll tell you more about what will happen in those meetings later but first let us tell you...


Why this new initiative is critical to low-income teen’s college success.


For many low-income teens, the traditional path to college success is flawed. They can follow all the rules, stretch themselves with extracurriculars and community service, meet every application deadline, nail their in-person interview and earn a coveted spot in an incoming freshman class.


But getting into college isn’t the same as getting there, staying there and getting through. After all of that work, statistics prove that most likely, they won’t earn a degree and are left straddled with debt that hasn’t provided the extra earning potential that comes with a bachelor's degree.


Why does this happen?


There are lots of reasons. They don’t select the right schools. They aren’t realistic about the costs. They aren’t prepared for the culture shift. They don’t feel like they can ask for help.


But mostly, they don’t have the individualized support they need to make informed choices from the start. Support guidance counselors can no longer provide due to enormous caseloads and minimal resources.


This is where Crossroads comes in.


Instead of a caseload of 1:450 like many guidance counselors face, Iolando has a caseload of 1:58. That means he will spend focused, high-impact time with teens and parents to ensure each teen has a plan for success and the support they need along the way.


Here’s how the meetings will roll out.


Meeting 1: Baseline

Review transcripts; build college application and scholarship lists; FAFSA action planning; essay review and edits; set up college greenlight account


Meeting 2: Deadlines 

Review progress against deadlines; tying up loose ends; plans for successful submission


Meeting 3: Selection

Review financial packages and on-campus resources; Determine scholarship needs; Make the decision


Meeting 4: Transition 

What to expect at college; how is college different than high school; where do you go for help; what do you need to pack; how do you buy books; what is a work study job and more


Help us meet our goal and make sure all teens have the tools and support they need to succeed. Together we will kickstart college success and in turn, kick start the amazing futures of 58 teens this year.