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Keydon is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that funds road trip based photographer projects and collects photographs, postcards, and road maps that celebrate exploration and nature.

www.keydon.org Tax ID 82-4581325



Keydon was established in 2018 by two childhood friends. Travis Patterson (Boston MA) and George Gill (Portland OR) have traveled 33,000 road miles together in the name of photography, adventure, and friendship. They are honored to provide funding so that others can gain the professional and emotional growth that focused road travel will bring.


Keydon is the name of Travis' rescue dog. In Arabic, it means companion; in Laotian, it is slang for little shit. George (a fellow dog rescuer and husband to a vet) agrees that the name sums up his relationship with Travis well. Intuition, unknown, and hard work define both dog and the road trip experience. We associate the name Keydon with family, craft, love and dedication.


Keydon awards US photographers with funding for road trip based projects that may not be possible otherwise. Keydon plays a no strings attached role in their process and makes application quick and easy. If mutually agreed upon, we celebrate their progress in real time over social media. We also provides them with the opportunity to showcase their work on our website.


There is an oppressive digital footprint in this world. We want to gather and honor the under appreciated and forgotten materials that define our relationship to photography and road travel. Keydon collects postcards, negatives, prints, topographic maps, cameras, and road maps to these ends. We  showcase these items on our Instagram feed and will eventually curate them in gallery or museum settings.