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Kenya Relief

KenyaRelief.Org has been working alongside Kenyans to rekindle hope for a new generation by uniting communities through partnership for the common good.

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After the death of his daughter Brittney, Steve James visited her sponsor child in Kenya. The rest is history in the making. In 2002, KenyaRelief.org began as a small orphanage for the children of Migori, Kenya; most of whom had lost their families to AIDS. As a CRNA, Steve felt the need for medical treatment in the area was urgent and an outpatient clinic was built soon after, followed by a private school.

KenyaRelief.org now serves almost 200 orphaned/vulnerable children, educates over 500 students, and treats thousands of patients each year. Over 20 mission teams of medical professionals, as well as non-medical teams such as VBS and Children’s Education, serve in Migori yearly.

KenyaRelief.org has volunteer short term missionaries from New York to Hawaii and Canada to Spain. Their specialties range from head and neck surgeons to electrical engineers and everything in between. For  15 years, KenyaRelief.org has seen close more than 3000 volunteers serve in Migori.

Our newest partner in missions at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville, Alabama. And we are currently creating a plan to partner with the School of Business at the University of Michigan on a student-led project. We have collaborated with the school of Pharmacy at Auburn University and many others.

We also enjoy partnerships with other organizations such as Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach in Illinois, Supplies Over Seas in Kentucky, and Tenwek Mission Hospital in Kenya. This year has also seen the continued partnership with several Rotary clubs on water projects in Kenya.

KenyaRelief.org has several projects currently in the works including a new cafeteria to serve almost 500 students each day, a new soccer field to help in our ministry outreach program and the expansion of Brase Clinic to include inpatient wards for overnight stays, with a full-service hospital as our ultimate goal.

KenyaRelief.org’s mission is to rekindle hope for a new generation in Kenya through a partnership between communities, uniting for a common good.