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The Kenneth Myers Memorial Pool will serve Winooski and the surrounding towns. It will provide a welcoming, safe environment that facilitates community engagement and teaches life-long skills. The Kenneth Myers Memorial Pool Foundation is a private, non-profit organization founded in 2010 and dedicated to the support and enhancement of aquatic recreational opportunities in Winooski.

The Kenneth Myers Memorial Pool Foundation is currently dedicated to supporting and advocating for the successful reconstruction and reopening of the Winooski municipal pool. In the view of the Foundation, a successful project will be one that honors the full community vision for this important community resource. The Foundation has committed to contribute funds to ensure that important features including the slide and outdoor shade structure are not cut from the program. The Foundation has attempted to engage the community in this process by funding several town-wide mailings of an informative fund-raising brochure.

            The Foundation is also dedicated to supporting full access to the new pool for the entire community, regardless of physical ability, cultural background, or financial means. The physical accessibility offered by the new pool will need to be matched by financial support for low-income patrons. In the future, the Foundation hopes to be able to offer reduced-price or free entry passes to the new facility to qualifying low-income residents of Winooski.