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Kehilat Sephardim of Ahavat Achim

We are the 5th largest Kosher Food Pantry in the US. We are one of the only "Client Choice" food pantries in NYC. We serve 1500 clients weekly with a staff of about 20 volunteers daily

www.kehilatpantry.org Tax ID 11-3101774


Kehilat Food Pantry aims to serve clients in need of food without "Proof of Need" we do not require SNAP, EBT, WIC or any other proof of need.  We simply ask that you bring ID and tell us how many people you need food for.

We are an open-market "client choice" pantry.  We allow the clients to choose what food they would like from our varied selection at each distrbution rather than simply hand out a generic box and have part (if not all) of the food go to waste.