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Keep Tallahassee Leon County Beautiful Inc

Keep Tallahassee Beautiful is proud to be celebrating almost 28 YEARS of service to our charming hometown and the surrounding area. We are a non-profit organization committed to keeping our community litter-free, educated about recycling and solid waste, and involved in area beautification initiatives.


Since 1992, Keep Tallahassee Beautiful has worked to keep our community litter free and educated about solid waste issues and the environment by encouraging recycling, developing litter reduction programs, and organizing beautification projects. Keep Tallahassee Beautiful is an affiliate of, but not funded by, Keep America Beautiful and Keep Florida Beautiful.

Marshalling over 70,500 volunteers from throughout the city, Keep Tallahassee Beautiful has accomplished great things since our founding. We have organized 4,550 cleanups resulting in 2,500 tons of litter being picked up and properly disposed of. We have planted 2,200 trees to improve air quality, abated 850 graffiti sites, and beautified over 280 locations--including neighborhood parks, street medians, and school grounds. Together, we have kept Tallahassee beautiful for 28 years!

In 2015 KTB lost significant government funding, meaning we can only keep our doors open through generous donations from the public along with the proceeds from a few annual fundraisers. With the Covid-19 pandemic this year leading to cancelled events and an understandable decrease in donations, it has been a year full of unprecedented challenges.

Despite this, we are determined to make 2021 a fruitful and exciting year with more cleanups and community events- but we can only do so with your support! Please consider making a donation to KTB this holiday season. For every $1 donated, $46 is realized in-kind as folks volunteer their time for this worthy cause.

Dollar for dollar, it is one of the best investments you can make in a more beautiful community, a more beautiful environment, and a more beautiful Tallahassee. Thank you for your support!