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Keep 4 month old Siren's heart beating!!

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Please Help Siren Receive Life Saving Cardiac Surgery Do you believe we are all equal and have an inherent right to life? We do and that's why when Siren was surrendered to a rescue we decided she needed a chance to live the best life possible. Born February 2, 2016, Siren is a (5) month old registered German Shepherd who had a terrible start in life. She was relinquished by her owner because of lack of care. She had an ear infection, skin infection plus was malnourished. She had been kept outside as a young puppy! We gladly accepted her and began the process of having her spayed and vaccinated because she’d never seen a veterinarian to even have basic protective puppy shots when she was with her original owner. We took her to Safe Haven Spay And Neuter Clinic in Spencer OK for her first exam which included vaccinations and spaying. During the exam however they detected a heart murmur so she was not vaccinated nor spayed. We knew that some murmurs are innocent and prayed this was true in Siren’s case. Next Siren had a full evaluation by our veterinarian, Schrag Animal Clinic in Oklahoma City, OK. This included blood tests, an EKG and x-rays which appeared to indicate that Siren has a life threatening condition called Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). She would die by her first birthday unless she had life saving surgery. To say I was shocked and heartbroken is an understatement! To confirm this diagnosis however we needed to have a cardiac ultrasound which not every veterinary practice is equipped to do. I took Siren to Maness Veterinary Services in Newcastle OK on July 15 where she had a comprehensive examination by Dr. Patti S. Maness. During the ultrasound, Dr. Maness showed us where Siren’s heart is enlarged and also told us that she has Pulmonic Stenosis, the third most common canine congenital heart defect. Pulmonary Stenosis consists of a malformation of the pulmonic valve leading to obstruction of the flow of blood from the heart into the lungs. Siren’s heart is enlarged and she has congestive heart failure. Dr. Maness also found evidence of another possible congenital heart defect but couldn't identify it. Siren has an appointment at 11 am on August 15th at with Ryan Baumwart, DVM, DCCVIM, a board certified veterinary cardiologist located in Stillwater OK. Hopefully after her exam by Dr. Baumwart a positive diagnosis will be made. Without a diagnosis Siren is not able to be treated and without treatment Siren’s chances of living a full life grow dim. She is currently on cardiac medication prescribed by Dr. Maness, Enalapril and Vetmedin (pimobendan) which was $60 for a two-week supply. Vetmedin is used to treat dogs with congestive heart failure. Enalapril is used in conjunction with the Vetmedin to treat mild to severe heart failure. Are we concerned? Most definitely! This poor girl is the epitome of sweetness. She enjoys running and playing with her foster brothers and sisters just like any young puppy would. To watch her breaks my heart because I know that inside that small black body beats a defective heart. When we took her into our care we made a commitment to her and we promise to uphold that commitment. There ARE several surgical options but until we have a confirmed diagnosis, we won’t know which procedure or surgery would be right for Siren. The only thing we are sure of is that Siren urgently needs medical and probable surgical intervention as soon as possible! We are committed to giving her a chance at life and surgery won't stop us from helping but we need to know we can afford it. Please, if this little angel tugs at your heart-strings we ask that you please help us. We don't know what her total medical bills will be as the journey is just starting but please know all money will be kept to help Siren only as we deem her need for care as urgent. Surgery won't stop us from helping and if you believe we did the right thing and you believe in one German Shepherd puppy then please help. No amount is too small… We are working hard to bring this sweet angel into your lives and make her a part of the joy of your day. With so very many animals in desperate need in our state, the local rescues had to divide and reorganize so we had to suspend Siren’s original fundraising page. All monies collected from it however have gone strictly for her veterinary visits, testing and medications. With the restructuring still in progress and given Siren’s urgent need for cardiac surgery, I decided to take a leap of faith and relaunch her fundraiser on my own. Siren lives with me; she is part of my daily life and I simply couldn't wait any longer to get her started on a hopeful road to recovery. Please continue to keep Siren in your prayers and I will continue to share her daily life with you ~ her ups and downs and just her every day life. If you love Siren and follow her and she makes you smile then please help me with her medical bills. My fellow rescuer and I cannot do this alone. If you believe Siren deserves a chance at life then please help us to help her. They say it takes a village and right now we need our village. Will you be part of it? We humbly ask that you please help us care for Siren now because she deserves to live her very best life! And of course we will take you along to the vet with us and have you follow her journey. Please keep Sweet Siren in your prayers as we keep all of you in ours. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless and thank you!



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