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Kauai Museum Association Limited

A Significant Hawaiian Heritage Institution

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The  Kaua'i Museum  strives  to educate, inspire and promote throughout  the contemporary  world,  an appreciation and respect for the indigenous and immigrant peoples of the islands of Kaua′i and Ni′ihau and  the  reclaimation  and  preservation  of  their artistic  and  cultural heritages .  This  is  done  through  the  developing and preserving of  outstanding collections, the  creating of  exhibits, publications and educational programs in  the  service  of the people  of  Kaua'i and  the general public.  We offer  access to our written and  photographic  archives  and  artifacts  providing  research  opportunities for institutions as  well  as  artists to exhibit their creations  in  hopes  of their  becoming the artifacts of tomorrow.