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kali`s eye surgery

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For those of you who remember kali (once known as puptown girl) that I adopted a few weeks ago from the shelter. No one wanted her because her eyes were so swollen she could barely open them, she had issues with her ears and she was "to chill". She hates the shelter so much she would curl up in a ball and sleep all day long. I worked at the shelter only a month before I fell in love with her sweet self and decided to adopt her. Knowing she did have medical issues (fixable issues, but we didn't know it was THIS bad). I also made a post the other day about her spay incision being infected with a stitch poking out and fluid coming out, so I made her a vet appointment for today and the vet was able to easily remove it (and it was LONNNNG) and already her swelling is going down so yay! HOWEVER, the rest of her health was worse off than we thought. She had swelling and discharge in her eyes which has significantly gone down with the meds I've been giving her but today we found out she also has entropion. Which is where the bottom the dogs eyes turn inward towards the cornea and constantly scratch and infect the eye. Usually this is caused by trauma, eye infection left untreated,chemical burns or can be genetic based on certain breeds(but my guess is whoever abandoned her at the shelter left an eye infection untreated and didn't want to deal with it) The ONLY way to treat this is with surgery which the dr. said could last two days(hospitalization time). I have her scheduled on the 21st. He also said she's the worst case he's seen in 20 years. But it's not bad enough to where her eyes can't be saved so after the surgery she will have perfectly healthy eyes ! Also with her ears she has a yeast infection. But it's been left untreated (by the person who surrendered her) for so long that it will takes A LOT of time and money to fix her ears. Even then they won't ever look normal on the inside. We also have to feed her special vet prescribed food to insure her ears stay healthy. I feel SO bad for this poor girl. I asked the vet if she's in pain due to her ears and eyes and he said she's in a lot of pain with her eyes. I almost broke down and cried. Whoever dumped her off at the shelter must have known about all of this and didn't care enough about her to help her so they dumped her off. She has to be on 3 different types of medication for the next 2 months. But please if you can send good vibes that her surgery on the 21st goes well. I'm extremely nervous about this. On the plus side everyone was loving on her and commenting on how much of a sweet heart she is She's also in training to be a service dog. Her trading is going to be put on hold until she's 100% healthy again. I just received an email with the estimate of the cost for her eyes which is around 400$ It's definitely not a cost we thought we would have to spend when I saved her, but nonetheless she WILL get this surgery for her and she will have healthy eyes again A few people mentioned starting a go fund me for her, soooooo I'll try ! Anything helps. Even 5$. Or even a share !



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