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K9s4COPs donates K9 Officers that are fully trained and ready for action, to law enforcement agencies and school districts.

http://www.K9s4Cops.org Tax ID 27-3659405


K9s4COPs was founded in 2010 by Philanthropist, Kristi Schiller, to fund the donations of highly trained K9s to law enforcement agencies and schools around the world. These donations offset the costs of budget cuts, which can deeply affect the K9 unit. In 2013, Schiller founded the initiative K9s4KIDs, which provides trained K9s to schools and universities. Currently, our K9s4KIDs K9s protect over 1 million students on a daily basis.Â

Typically, each K9 can cost in range of $15,000 to a specialized K9 that can value in excess of $45,000. These essential tools are often the first to fall to department budget cuts. To date K9s4COPs has granted over 200 K9s to law enforcement agencies and schools in the United States as well as internationally to Paris, France. K9s4COPs has aided in the removal of over $360 million worth of contraband off the street. K9s4COPs canines have confiscated more than 10,000 firearms, participated in 7,500 arrests and helped keep the peace in over 4,000 public demonstrations.

We need your help! Every dollar counts! Help us to stop crime, one K9 at a time!