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Creating a new generation of young Jewish activists and organizers.

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<p>Jewish Youth for Community Action is raising $40,000 by the end of the year. This Crowdrise campaign by passionate staff, Board members and community members has a goal of raising $20,000 of that total from new and long-time supporters, including you! Why are we fundraising? Because we love JYCA and the impact it&#39;s had on our lives and so many others. JYCA believes that youth have the power and the passion to create justice in the world right now. JYCA gives them the support and tools to use their voice to impact their community. JYCA believes that social justice is a core of our Jewish values, and central to our Jewish Identity. We create a loving and inclusive community where youth can challenge themselves and each other to face big issues and take action. We provide leadership training programs for high school age youth in community organizing through a lens of Jewish values. Youth participate in workshops on Active Listening, Communication, Adultism, Sexism, Racism, Campaign Development and Facilitation. We have amazing retreats where there is incredible bonding, learning, Shabbat time, nature hikes and beach runs. JYCA youth have an incredible impact on our world, starting projects and campaigns addressing poverty, sexual harassment, juvenile justice, environmental justice, and immigration. JYCA alumni have become leaders in communities across the country as organizers, teachers, working for progressive politicians and environmental justice campaigns and human rights organizations. However, in order to keep program fees affordable, JYCA needs donations. In fact, fundraising accounts for 2/3 of our budget each year. Please give a donation to support this work today. Thank you!</p>