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Jordan Gospel Music Ministry Inc


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We utilize our programs of faith, by speaking hope and encouragement through inspiring true-life stories of our own heart healing experiences to at-risk children throughout the state of Florida. Our purpose is to come alongside the state to help instill confidence, worthiness, love, better self-esteem, and creating positive memory events.   All children need to have special positive memory events they will always remember. 

The most recent data shows that Florida ranks 34 out of the 50 states in child welfare.  With over 24 thousand children in Florida Foster Care, 21 thousand at-risk youth in the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice System, and over 59,000 arrested/intake in 2018.  According to the CDC's latest report, the suicide rate for kids ages 10 to 14 nearly tripled in the last decade  

Children who feel abandoned, unwanted, unloved, rejected, and alone. They need to hear a message of hope!  This organization brings compassion and love from their supporters in the community and is vitally needed! We are a bridge from you to them, showing how the community cares to supply them with donated children's books, toys, goodie bags, handmade children's blankets, etc.  Together we can make a  difference in these children's lives!