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Picture of Health Inc

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Picture of Health is organized to provide free personal fitness training, nutritional guidance and educational services for people who are suffering from cancer and other chronic medical conditions.

Rebuilding people’s physical ability to return to a productive, independent life, who has suffered from the debilitation of cancer and other chronic medical conditions, is our primary goal.

Picture of Health is currently working with other fitness organizations such as End Results Health & Wellness and Tennis Mechanix that are currently providing free fitness training to this special population at their facilities.

We plan to help and be involved with other nonprofit organizations such as The American Cancer Society, Susan G Komen Foundation, Avon Foundation, Live Strong Foundation, The American Diabetes Foundation, and the American Heart Association to reach these demographics of people to bring awareness of our services.

Picture of Health will also perform educational seminars and workshops to help educate the general public about the benefits of frequent exercise and proper nutrition to help prevent or lessen cancer and other chronic medical diseases.