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Johanna Restoration Foundation Inc

To restore and preserve local historical and architecturally significant structures in an effort to support local artistic, cultural and educational purposes

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The Johanna Restoration Foundation (JRF)—a 501(c)(3) non-profit started by Brian Buscher and named after his late mother—restores, repurposes and preserves historically significant buildings and structures in Kossuth County, Iowa, providing current residents and future generations the opportunity to utilize and appreciate them. The JRF Board has a history of building restoration and preservation projects, including the preservation of historical artifacts local to the area.

JRF's current project is to rehabilitate and transform Algona's 1904 Carnegie Library into a modern Carnegie Centre for the Arts—a space where arts and cultural organizations can come together to better serve the community. Once completed, it will serve as an art exhibit space, art classrooms, small music venue and a corporate and private rental hall. This exquisite building will become a wonderful gathering place for generations to come.