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Systemic Racism, BLM, COVID-19, Haiti, Community Building, Black Humanity, Racial Justice

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JJL Miller Foundation was established in 2008. We are a Black Woman Owned Non-Profit. The mission of the Foundation is: to provide educational opportunities as well as academic scholarships, to provide financial and academic support for our applicants  whether they attend college, vocational school or are  simply taking classes for self-enrichment.; to assist those who are impoverished with their housing needs  including providing food, clothing  and other necessities  for their families  as needed; to provide vocational, social and other opportunities to teach real life skills including learning marketable job skills to allow our applicants to provide for themselves and their families.

Besides the work we have done in the US, we were also privileged to do work in Haiti and Jamaica: please click on Haiti to view our experience. We focused on housing, medical needs of the elderly, arranging for children to return to elementary school and paying fees for tuition and textbooks, paid college tuition fees/textbooks for applicants that attended college and also arranged for computer classes for some applicants to enhance their job skills and even fed entire camps!

We remain committed to assisting all people in their time of need but are "limited" particularly because our personal income has been negatively impacted due to the economic impact of COVID-19. But our bodies can't rest and our spirit continues to hurt because there is so much we want to do given the state of our world today and as the Foundation gives those in need a "hand up", we ask all of you, to please give us a "hand up" so that we might help those in need  throughout the US during these unprecedented times as well setting up programs to "Build Communities in These Times of Social Unrest".

Programs to be launched to assist all throughout the US: COVID-19 Assistance, SAY THEIR NAMES- Community Building, Indirect/Direct Support of Programs That Help Eradicate Systemic Racism, Racial Justice, Black Humanity as well  as other programs including "Helping Haiti"...Finally having a Voice!  Please feel free to direct your donation to the program of your choice.

Thank you!