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J-ADD was founded in 1986 and it has remained true to its original mission of serving New Jersey’s special needs community.The agency was the brainstorm of prominent UJA Federation Board members, Dr. Sandra O. Gold and Inge Wettreich, who identified a growing need within the Jewish (and non-Jewish) community for services for individuals with developmental disabilities within community settings.After much advocacy the New Jersey Department of Human Services’ Division for Developmental Disabilities agreed to the establishment of the first Kosher group home in New Jersey under the auspices of the then United Jewish Community of Bergen County Association for Developmental Disabilities (now J-ADD).

Like many other non-profit organizations, the coronavirus situation has impacted J-ADD in a big way. The increases in expenses are already significant. Additional shortfalls in funding will be significant within the next two weeks. Therefore we are launching a 2-week emergency campaign to raise $250,000.

We are proud to say that J-ADD staff mobilized quickly to make program adjustments to continue supporting our individuals with as few changes to their routine as possible. Our operational expenses have increased exponentially due to the need for additional staffing as a result of the closure of day programs and a strict adherence to staying at home and maintaining social distance. We have also purchased additional personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies in order to implement stricter infectious control procedures. In addition to the unanticipated expenses of setting up these program adjustments, we expect significant ongoing expenses from additional staffing adjustments that will need to be made as well as reduced returns from Medicaid billing.

J-ADD'S adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities and their families depend upon our organization for high-quality support services to live independently as active and productive members of the Bergen County community.