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EVENT DATE: Nov 06, 2011

Gina Kehr and Kelly Couch


Kelly Couch and I are running the New York Marathon on November 6, 2011.  This will be my first marathon other then those that I have done in an Ironman and this will be Kelli's first race since her daughter was born in October 2010.  We have chosen to raise money for Jennyslight, as a mother of two and with Kelli being a new mom, it only seemed like the right thing to do.  Jennyslight is special to me as you will read in the story below.  We hope you will think about donating to us!!


The story....

On December 19, 2007 a tragedy happened.  A family lost a loved one due to a silent disease that many have heard of but doubt it exist, postpartum depression.  I may have been one of those doubters, however it was during my second pregnancy that I found myself in tears for no reason, not being able to get out of bed with a smile on my face each day.  I would have episodes of total sadness with uncontrollable crying. At that time I would of told you it was "other" circumstances in my life.  But when I received the phone call about Jenny, my heart stopped and my awareness of my own thoughts came to my mind.  Jenny was the twin sister of a dear friend of mine, I believe her tragedy happened to help other women who may not think they are dealing with post partum depression.  By raising money for Jennyslight, we are giving an opportunity for women out there to find help wherever they are.  You can learn more about Jennyslight at

Thank you for donating

Gina Kehr

Excerpt from

...Then, out of the blue, on Dec. 19th, 2007, Jenny purchased a gun at a sporting goods store in Birmingham and at about 7:00 pm, she went to the backyard and took Graham’s life and then her own.

We are so devastated and shocked by this tragedy that it was a real struggle to write this story. We hope that somehow it might inspire new mothers to seek help and treatment before something like this happens to them. We also want to thank our son Randy, Brian (Becky’s husband) and Chip for their help and support as we try to return some normalcy to our lives.

We are left with many great memories and the chance to help other families avoid having to go through what we are. With your help, Jenny’s Light can make a difference.



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