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Organized by: Jasmine Moreland

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"Alex" is a disabled young adult. At only 27, she suffers multiple mental/emotional psychological disorders, as well as multiple physical disorders/disabilities. She receives both her health insurance and supplemental income from Social Security Disability. Her coverage however does not include dental or vision, which she both is in need of as well. But the teeth are an EMERGENCY. Due to a combination of (in order of MOST damaging to least damage caused) Inability to afford a dentist more than 4 times her whole life, Heavy medicating from a young age, carelessness and neglect as a child, poor diet in recent past (on and off presently as well), her disabilities, and lastly- genetics. She cannot afford dental insurance with her other bills. Her household consists of her and her life partner, (boyfriend, future, forever, whatever you want to call it) who (loves her very much, and) also brings in a steady income, but like Alex, its not enough to save anything, everything is spent surviving. She needs extensive surgery and other dental work, root canals, implants, fillings, deep scraping and cleaning, crowning and sculpting.. the 43,000 is only the cost of the implants she will need, none of the other work was quoted. But, her teeth are falling apart. Quite literally, i might add. She is in unbearable pain a lot of the time, she tries to smile and be happy, but she is so ashamed of her smile because of her broken, and missing (One tooth got knocked completely out in an accident, too) Her smile is beautiful, but her teeth are destroying her life. They cause her pain daily, sometimes so much she cries. She is finally feeling happy, and out from under depression's heavy hand, and her teeth are dragging her right back down into depression, low self esteem. We miss her smile. she refuses to smile, only Jesse (her partner) gets to see it and even HE is limited to seeing it. We are worried her dental problems are THE or at least a main cause of her physical state. Her feeling sick all the time, at all times, at any point at any day, she suffers multiple mental, emotional, spiritual and physical pain from her disabilities. not all of them attack her all at once all the time, but always, more than one in every category. She tries so hard to be happy. She has a very shaky support system. Her kind nature and willingness to give and help people get her taken advantage of, used, abused, and hurt a lot of the time. Her family is limited to her mother, her step father, and her step brother. she doesnt bother to make appearances at family functions anymore consisting of anyone else. Her past with her family was rocky and only got worse with time. She has grown up around nothing but negativity and abuse, with only her mother to comfort her, and only rarely was her mother available to soothe or comfort anything. A lot of us (her friends) think her mother is WAY harsh on her, but we can see she doesnt let her mother in on what really goes on in her life. In the frequent occasion that she needs some kind of help from her mother ( a ride, money, food, anything really) mother is mostly skeptical and suspicious, negatively presumptuous, sometimes even mean. But usually curves and ends up attending to the small favor. occasionally she needs something bigger. life has been constantly throwing disasters in her way to keep her down. we have all noticed it. some of us think shes being followed by something that wants to possess her, something evil. some of us think she may have earned a lot of bad karma in her previous life. there are many theories. Point being, we are scared she could die if this goes unattended and that is a REALISTIC and LIKELY fate if no action is taken, or if she is unable to find a way to get them fixed. They get infected more and more often lately, they hurt more intensely and longer each time, and shes on antibiotics very frequently. This is a desperate cry for help to whom ever's ears these pleas fall on, please try to take a minute to think about the quality of life she must tolerate while trying to battle major depression among other mental and emotional instabilities. She is no danger to anyone, she is extremely sweet, caring, honest, trustworthy, funny, talented, smart, fun and charismatic! Shes a VERY talented singer, writer, artist, among so many other talents. Please help our friend achieve happiness, and a better quality of life, thus removing so much unnecessary stress and pain and suffering from her life as well as her support system (when she suffers, as do they). We do what we can to help, but this one is up to the world, i guess. God bless!!! We know the amount we need to raise is impossible, but we can do what we can! anything helps!!!


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Jasmine Moreland

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Jasmine is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Jasmine Alexis <3 Dental-Emergency fundraiser!!!.

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