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Japantown Community Benefit District Inc

Developed by a coalition of property and business owners, the Japantown Community Benefit District will, through economic business development for property owners and merchants, beautification of public spaces for all to enjoy, and a safe liveable environment, ensure that Japantown will continue to thrive as a culturally rich, authentic, and economically vibrant neighborhood, which will continue to serve as the cultural heart of the Japanese and Japanese American communities for generations to come. As one the last 4 remaining Japantowns in the United States, the JCBD is working with key community organizations and groups to ensure the future viability of the greater Japantown neighborhood.

https://www.jtowncbd.org Tax ID 82-3098216


The JCBD is an assessment district designed to improve and convey special benefits to properties within the central business district of Japantown. The JCBD was established in 2017 pursuant to the state law; the “Property and Business Improvement District Law of 1994”, as amended and augmented by Article 15 of the San Francisco Business and Tax Regulations Code. To guide the JCBD for the next 10 years, a JCBD steering committee and the Japantown Task Force (JTF) developed a Management Plan that responds to today’s market opportunities and district challenges. The JCBD provides new improvements and activities, including environmental and economic enhancements. Each activity is designed to meet the goals of the JCBD; to improve the appearance and safety, to increase building occupancy and lease rates, to encourage new business development and attract ancillary businesses and services. The JCBD provides funding for enhanced maintenance, safety, beautification and marketing programs.