Integrating Woman Leaders Team Photo

The Story

Imagine a grown-up field day. There will be a relay marathon where participants will work in teams to complete 20 laps around the IUPUI track (split the laps up between teammates, walk, sprint, do whatever works best for YOU!). Come take part in fun activities throughout the day, listen to different talks about Mentoring Women’s Network, and then enjoy a fabulous cool down at Tomlinson Tap Room. We will also be honoring an influential woman in the community with the Pass the Torch for Women Lifetime Achievement Award.


Pass the Torch for Women is intended to inspire women to pledge to mentor and help develop one another personally and professionally, in order to create new opportunities and advance women in the workplace.


Women earn almost 60% of university degrees in America and Europe and are the most likely candidates to be promoted into leadership roles in the US. Mentoring is key to leadership development. In a recent study of 1,000 employees in a mentoring program over five years, mentees were 40% more likely to get promoted and mentors were 50% more likely to get promoted.


Women leaders are good for business. reported a study of Fortune 500 companies having three or more women on the board outperform other companies with 53% more returns on equities, 42% more return on sales and 66% more return on invested capital.


Let’s start a movement... one step at a time.