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THE Home Co.

Regenerative Farms, Global Collaboration Network, Homelessness, Globalization through Localization, Sustainability, Holistic Health Care

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THE Home is a new age non-profit that aims to reunite people and nature, and remind us that we all are one - people with people, as well as people with nature. Everything in this world exists in the interdependent ecosystem, and the solution to its crisis must be holistic as well.

We are establishing a global network of entirely off-grid regenerative eco-farms, that operates with sustainable maintenance practices like renewable energy use, water and waste recycling, and can also be used as Resilient Hubs in case of natural disasters. These farms will welcome all the people, starting with those experiencing homelessness. Along with a place to stay, our farms will offer holistic health care and education to all the residents, integrating them into a healthy community that involved in producing organic food.

We seek to create a welcoming and healing environment with physical and spiritual wellness practices from all over the world, such as yoga, meditation, ceremonies, banyas, art-therapy, musical jam-sessions, and proximity to nature. We plan to provide green job opportunities with the necessary educational training for our residents. Along with work on the farms and eco-campaigns, this could involve cleaning/recycling, urban garden installation, work in eco-educational centers, recycling typographies, eco-packaging production, upcycle stores, Community Supported Agriculture, eco-clothing production, bioconstruction, and more.

To achieve this goal, THE Home created a Global Collaboration Platform that can process all kinds of entities - from volunteers and media to communities and big organizations. Thx to a new approach to a collaboration structure, THE Home offers an opportunity to work on it collectively, using all the modern tools built-in in one concept.

And now, absolutely anyone, from any place in the world, and at any time, can participate in co-creation of a better world. Welcome!