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THE Home Co.

Regenerative Farms, Global Collaboration Network, Homelessness, Globalization through Localization, Sustainability, Holistic Health Care

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THE Home is a visionary nonprofit (501c3) that aims to reverse climate change and restore lands globally by helping local communities on their way to self-sufficiency through regenerative agriculture.

We are establishing a network of regenerative farms and permaculture gardens to serve as healing and educational centers for people in need. Focusing on displaced and underrepresented populations, we will provide all residents with holistic health care and the necessary knowledge and skills to spread regenerative practices and restore lands around the world.

To achieve this goal, THE Home created a Global Collaboration Platform that can process all kinds of entities - from volunteers and media to communities and big organizations. Thx to a new approach to a collaboration structure, THE Home offers an opportunity to work on it collectively, using all the modern tools built-in in one concept.

And now, absolutely anyone, from any place in the world, and at any time, can participate in the co-creation of a better world. Welcome!