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The Islamic Society of West Valley (Iswv)

Support ISWV Masjid before 2020 ends. Making a difference through community service, supporting spiritual growth and working to build thriving neighborhood.

www.iswv.org Tax ID 46-2961609


We've All Struggled Together

2020 has been an unprecedented year.

We  lost some loved ones, cared for our sick, supported those who lost  their jobs, provided counseling as the community struggled and stayed  connected with our youth in their challenge of isolation during this  pandemic.

Through our resilience we as as community stayed  connected virtually and instead of minimizing our programs, we provided  experiences as a community to only grow for all age groups.

We Stayed Connected, Help Our Masjid

Alhamdolillah,  we stayed connected as a community and we pray this has brought relief  to many who have been affected by this pandemic.

Our masjid is  also suffering from financial hardship and we reach out to you to  continue to  support your Masjid before the end of 2020.

Help Us Continue Our Mission

Mission: Our  objective is to instill closeness to Allah in our community through  providing an open and welcoming Masjid that fosters spiritual  development, promotes a comprehensive Islamic identity, strengthens  communal bonds, represents Muslims with respect and dignity, and  impacts  the positive growth of our society.