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Island Solutions International Inc.

Helping small island communities have better lives!

www.islandsolutions.org Tax ID 85-0825365


Island Solutions' mission ~ To strengthen the ability of small island communities  to protect their natural habitats and improve overall quality of life.

Island nations are often places of amazing beauty and wonderful people. However, what makes them remarkable places also creates unique challenges on land, in the sea, and for the people.

Island Solutions brings together a group of highly experienced and passionate individuals to work with these special countries. Our goal is to help island nations with marine & terrestrial  conservation, reef rehabilitation, recycling and green initiatives, and health and wellness programs.

We provide consultancy, project development, and project implementation for grant funded & private projects, corporate environmental offset programs, and government assistance, as well as, our own self funded projects.

Our currently active larger projects are the EcoMontserrat Recycling and Waste Reduction Intiative on the Caribbean island of Montserrat and Colorada MPA Reef Restoration in Tigbao, Masbate, Philippines.