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Ise Descendants Union Inc

To help build a secured, proficient, and flourishing Ise-Ekiti, with comfortable indigenes.

https://omoakinidu.org/ Tax ID 85-0898892


Our current project is to open up rural feeder roads in Ise Ekiti to create an economy for the less privileged in rural communities. We hope to reach out projected amount of $20,000 by March 2021 to complete this project by June 2021. Our mission to enable various hinterlands around our community to have easy access to required resources and mobility of their agricultural products to the needing populace. We decided to embark on agro-driven and road network initiatives. We will need support covering the expenses of labor, development, and maintenance costs. Your support would create more opportunity for rural communities to have more economic stability. If you financially able please consider donating to our project or sharing this fundraising.

Expenses break down

1. Lawn Mower & Equipment Rental -$5000

2. Drainage Construction - $4000

3. Labour & Manpower - $2000

3. Raw Materials & Procurement - $6500 (Granite, sand, cement etc)

4. Transportation & Logistics - $1500

5. Others - Miscellaneous - $1000 (Covers incidental expenses)

Total: $20,000

Website: omoakinidu.org

Email: iduomoakin@gmail.com