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Welcome to our site. This is  our “ international home”!

Let me inform you that for us your being here is a deep honor and a privilege.  It is an honor since you are interested in knowing what God is forging and cultivating through in the lives of real people in real life situations. When a life is changed by the power of LOVE in actions, the world becomes a better place.  Families, communities, and yes the world are positively transformed when Love is real.

It is a painful, growing reality that we have been swept into a new style of living. We look to capture moment on our cell phone, and miss letting moment infuse us with wonder.  We are drawn into the hype of going viral and we lack the virtue that establishes safety and hospitality.  As a culture, we  may be running headlong into a disposable reality when our core heart’s passion is the  longing to receive an investment of genuine relationships. The harvest of this intentional effort will homestead the health of an emerging hoping seeded, present day reality and make provision for our children’s children to fully prosper in the interdependence of Amazing Grace.

We are faith based.  We are looking to make inroads into the lives of people so that the restoring grace of Jesus Christ can be experienced, and taught through living life ….as One.

Our privilege is a sacred responsibility to steward all God provides to manifest the ever growing call to “empower people into lives of significance through mentorship, empowerment and missions of service”.

So I invite you into exploring what we are sharing on this site.  And yes engage us we want to build real interactions, so the Kingdom of God becomes real here and now.  For such a time as this, come let’s do something awesome. The disillusioned masses are waiting for us to engage them into this life the best gift ever….Jesus and His restoring Grace.

We are LIVING THE JOY! Welcome to the festival.