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Iron County Dog Society

Love Dogs!! Help our society develop Dog Parks for local & visiting dogs to socialize, play and of course have fun. A bonus is a welcoming spot for dog lovers to gather.

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“Iron River Dog Park”

The Iron County Dog Society (ICDS),  a 501c3 non-profit, was developed to improve, support and promote the general welfare of residents and guests of Iron County Michigan, by creating and maintaining a system of public dog parks.  The first stop will be in Iron River.  With an allocated piece of land, from the city of Iron River, the ICDS can move forward to raising the funds to developing the grounds.

The location of the “Iron River Dog Park” is along the Iron River on the wooded side of Riverside Ave just before Ross Street. There will be a small and large dog enclosure with a parking lot centrally located between the two. Visuals of the rapid flowing Iron River will be seen from the welded wire fencing that will surround the park. This fencing will aid in maintaining the integrity of the river and preventing unnecessary issues with dogs accessing the river. Conveniently, there is an existing walking trail already established within the park. The trail will allow people a level access for walking along the river side of the park so not to have to combat the natural rolling terrain that are pets get to enjoy.

Onsite we are projecting to have a few picnic benches, a gazebo, a possible waterspout for the dogs and a trash receptacle for those doggy poop bags that will be provided to all guest from a pet waste solution dispenser. As always, it is will be the responsibility of the pet owner to control & clean up after their dogs. There will be a posted list of Dog/Parent rules to be followed while in the park. The addition of this park will be a welcoming spot for dog lovers to gather.

The goal, once the snow melts & funding reached, is to start & completed construction in a timely manner so that our dogs can enjoy the park during 2020 summer months.  Community participation and support will be a much-needed asset during this time. Volunteers are essential in offsetting the cost of the project and for future maintenance needs. ICDS will collectively work together to brings unity, a sense of accomplishment and cut cost on labor in whatever areas feasible. The result of this community collaboration will be a beautiful rustic park, in its most natural setting of a rolling terrain, for our lovable dogs.  Dogs local & visiting await there new location to socialize, play and of course have fun.