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iRise Above Foundation


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iRise Above Foundation offers targeted, age-appropriate, and connected health and wellness resources that enable young women to rise above the residual effects of their breast cancer, complete a life-changing mind-body-spirit expedition, and enjoy long-term survival. The offerings are unique, unparalleled, and urgently needed among the young female breast cancer community. 

iRise Above strives to change the conversation about breast cancer, by challenging old paradigms and changing perceptions of what it means to have breast cancer. Women are powerful. Women are strong. Women are an inspiration. Women can choose wellness and rise above their diagnoses, and not be defined by breast cancer. 

iRise Above provides an innovative holistic six-month program – called the iJourney – designed to individually inspire, empower and support each young woman through physical fitness, nutrition, body movement, alternative therapies, mental health support and more. Each iJourney is unique and custom built for the participant, enabling her to positively transform in mind, body and spirit towards healthier living, post-breast cancer treatments. The iJourney culminates in an epic active expedition somewhere extraordinary to celebrate each woman’s self-transformation. The iJourney active expedition is intended to symbolize the start of a new, brighter chapter in each woman’s life.