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GoFundMe Charity : Aug 29, 2016
Tax ID: 13-5660870
BASED: New York, NY, United States


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Every year thousands of refugees arrive on American soil seeking freedom, safety and opportunity. Their journeys began long ago in countries like Burma, Cuba, Eritrea, Syria, Iraq and Tibet where violence and oppression forced them to flee, leaving behind their homes, families and loved ones. Yet, they arrive with hopes of new beginnings and eager to contribute their unique skills to the United States. The IRC creates opportunities for refugees and asylees to establish successful new lives.  The IRC helps individuals and families regain a sense of stability, security, and self-respect to become self-sufficient contributing members in their new U.S homes. Through a network of holistic programs and services, the IRC in New York and New Jersey assists over 3,000 refugees, asylees and other immigrants annually to become self-reliant citizens who are well integrated in their new communities. The IRC’s programs are designed to meet the acute needs of newly arrived refugee families. The IRC is appreciative of your interest in the programs that support these families and your donation will ensure the IRC has the capacity and programming quality to provide services to youth and adults.

Tax ID: 13-5660870 •


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Ivan Haller Science Scholarship Image Ivan Haller Science Scholars… Amount Raised: $10,000

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RYSA Peer Mentors 2019 Image RYSA Peer Mentors 2019 Amount Raised: $1,015

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